Merry Christmas 2017.

Merry Christmas, y’all!


 I changed TEN details in the card. If you still have your hard copy, it may be easier to play with that. If not the scroll back

and forth between the next two images!

As always, some behind the scenes to field the “but wait, how’d you do…” questions, especially from kids. Even though we tell most

who ask it was “Christmas Magic!” 🙂 Since Adam always puts the separate images all together once photos are taken and

designs/makes it an actual card…the house was on me. I bought a couple sheets of foam core and just cut out a basic house.

I used wax paper as glass and we actually used artificial light inside it…buuuut you couldnt tell in the final photo. ::eye roll::

Nori and I walked the grocery aisles and imagined what could be cool to build a house with. I cut pretzel rods with an exacto while

nori glued them on. Adam used Fruit by the Foot for the roof and Nico used chocolate icing and sliced almonds to create stone. And

the babies ran in and out stealing all the elements. Circus life has always been a team effort, there is no other option.

Yes, we ate as much as we attached. 🙂

The month of December is always socially packed and even though we started building the house in November, it sat for 3 weeks till

we could find multiple hours to finish, stage and shoot. Crunch time in mid December, like always! I wanted to add icicles since we were

placing the house in a snowy scene but I was honestly just too tired to do it. Thankfully I realized sprinkling salt worked too!

Perspective needed to be looking up at Nico and the pitch of the roof and ladder matched well enough! Win! For mine and Nori’s

“marshmallows,”  I just rolled up and pinned cases really tight to pillows! The rest was basic posing. I had big plans on a

goofier execution like Nico stealing candy off the roof, Adam touching up icing, one of the babies licking the house, Nori making a

snow angel…buuuuut we started shooting at 830 on a school night with picking out clothes at 825 whiiich left no time to be more clever.

So it is what it is. Still cute, just could have been better. 😉

All hands on deck even if it meant crooked stamps, various sized letters and upside down return addresses. HA! We finally got them sent on 12/22!

And I heard some got them before Christmas! I apologize for the out of owners who saw this post before receiving the actual card!! 🙁

Answer key!

Only a couple birthdays and a handful more parties to host then I get to live a normal life for a month or two. Woohooo! Pace
and love from us to you in this holiday season! Enjoy your salty and sweet treats, life is short! Heart, The Pace Circus.


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