The Newberrys.

We spent our spring break in Texas seeing some family and most importantly, meeting little Jasper!

Already 7 months! Those beautiful faces!

Mom’s lips left a mark! 😉

Buzz and Rebecca have the cutest house. You can’t tell here but the fire place and shelves are rounded. Love that!


100% Buzzy. Tossing head back or to the side in laughter. Tyyyypically at his own jokes. As we established on the trip,

his quick wit and humor are finally and officially qualified as Dad Jokes! He’s waited a very long time for this. 🙂

This was a new trick he started, throwing his arms behind his head. Adorbs.

The Texas blue bonnets were in bloom so obbbbviously we had to go find some!

It was so nice to get out of Cincinnati and its Spring snow ::eye roll:: to feel the warm Southern sun!


After mass, on Easter, I took some more shots of them outside their home. They requested this one shot! Ha!

Raspberries while flying through the air. 🙂

The happiness! Parenthood surely looks good on you all!

Donna finally has a grand baby! What a joy Jasper has brought into their lives!

They bought my big kids bubbles, so I had them and Adam blowing from both directions. This was the baby’s first experience with

them and he wasn’t entirely sure what was happening. 😀

Glad to finally make it to Texas after a decade plus! What better reason than to photograph a new baby! Our short time with y’all was lovely

and wish it could have been longer. :-/ Hope to see you again before he’s in school! :0 Heart, Melanie.

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