Mr. & Mrs. Stewart!

Sara and I met at her brother’s wedding a few years back and I was so excited we were able to shoot for this family again! Besides their

obvious beauty making our job easier, they’re all incredibly kind. The Stewarts fit right in and it felt like family to us!

At Sara’s consult we talked more about design and aesthetics in life more than anything to do with the wedding. Fast friends. <3

The Zoller’s gorgeous home made for a wonderful backdrop and THAT DRESS. I love this shot.

This relationship is everything. Dave and his brother Sean, couldn’t be any more sweet.

After she was in her dress I said, DO. NOT. MOVE. The light on your face, giiiiirl. You’re perfection.

Their reception was in a Lunken Airport hanger, so we met their for their first look. Also, it was 28*. Sooo that was fun.

Just casually taking pics that should be used as advertisement for this dress. Perfect model.

The hair by Lauren Demeropolis and makeup by Kelly of Cinci MakeUp was KILLING it!

Pretty amazing opportunity for portraits when there’s an actual plane in the background!


Can’t ever go wrong with a post Easter wedding with all the left over Easter florals!

So so lovely.

We had to seek out flowers because the winter weather was not screaming Spring wedding! So we pulled over and borrowed

some trees in someone’s front yard. 🙂

When the bus driver decides to stop at the yellow light at the last minute. HA!

Ann unexpectedly threw down some lyrics as her toast. 🙂

Dave said at the end of their welcome, “Sean, you ready to PARTY!?” Sean yelled and clapped, “YES!” Adorable.

They had all the emotions flowing when they surprised their family/guests with an old video recording of Sara’s grandparents.

Pretty startling for her mom and siblings to suddenly hear both your deceased parents voices burst into the quiet and turn around

to see their faces on the big screen. Incredibly thoughtful and perfect, guys.

Thanks so much for having us! It was a really fun day and glad to be a part of it. Such great memories you’ll have forever!

<3 Hope you’re having a fantastic time hoping around Italy! And you better have made a day trip to Burano Island!

Heart, Melanie & Adam.

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