The Jeans.

This adorable family of 3 is soon to be 4! And the little “ladybug” is a she! EEEK!

Lewis is never shy around me but this evening he just uninterested in me following him around. :0

But then he remembered the fun we have!

No, buddy, I said, “kiss your sister,” not suffocate yourself.

 Better…well, kinda.

Kiss me/eat my face… same/same, right Mike? Bahaha.Mike’s body language its actually my favorite part of this image. Like, woah bro, take it easy!

Like all kids, they don’t want to be in them but the second you leave them out, they run back feeling left out.

When taking turns tossing each other in the air. HAHAHAHA. You’re a good dad, Michael Jean. But I knew that long before this day.

All 3 of my boys did this too. When swinging becomes flipping because they’re smart and realize they can flip if they kick back with the momentum. ::face palm::

“No more pictures!” to Daddy distracting him with his super awesome hide n seek skills. 😀

<3 <3 <3

He was over it so I kicked him out and then of course he didn’t want to be left out so he ran up and did this on his own. SWEETHEART.

I cannnnn’t wait for that little girl to get here! I’m just as excited for her birth since no matter how she comes out, I get to be there again! Yay!

Also anxious for you to feel good again, Beck! Soon! So very soon! Love you guys. Heart, Melanie.

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