The Reids.

Looks like the timer has popped and the bun in the oven is almost done! Side note. I love when belly buttons pop in pregnancy! I like

to imagine the baby on the other side pushing it and pushing it and then one day the belly button gives  and the baby cheers,

“YAY! I’m ready, mom!” No? Just me? Ok…

Emerson definitely gained her speed since I saw her last. Now it was a game of catch the baby!!

The bushes were tall and full and she was running in and out and away from us finding it hilaaaarious.

Gotcha again!! Love this!

When you ask Emme “where’s your baby?” She can only show you by lifting up Brittany’s dress and touching the bare belly.

And when Brittany said, “no, sweetie, not here!” She was not happy about it, because her baby is UNDER THAT DRESS!! Bahaha.

However, it totally felt appropriate for her to show us her baby!! 🙂 🙂

I’m not gonna lie, guys. Sessions aren’t going to be easy again for some time, especially now that there will be a potentially crying baby

joining! But whatever, yay! Growing family! I’ll see y’all in the hospital sooner than later! Also, Britt, stay outta there unless you’re

delivering, will ya!!! Heart, Melanie.

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