The Paces.

We spent a (really hot) second at the park before dinner a couple weeks ago with the “other Paces”.

So much pretty!


Love this!

When sibs have polar opposite eyes! Woah.

Adam kept our kids in the car till I was ready, with promises of cousin sleepovers that night keeping them on their best behavior!

DNA is a funny thing as they are all “half siblings” but all look like they could be full sibs! Also, how funny are the two rows of heights

and Nolan creating an arrowhead to it! There’s lots of months/years between all of them too!

One shot with a timer and tripod. BOOM.

Great job Ari and Ezra. Bahaha.

Heyooo! Twin tricks!

Just celebrated 11yrs of marriage!

Because we were kinda dressed up, by that I mean, chose and ironed our outfits 30 min before leaving :0 , may as well document?

Beside Grandpas, Eric and Adam, with their sweat rags and whining, glad it was pretty painless! Getting there folks, easy is just around the corner! Love you. Heart, Aunt Mel.

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