The Hasselbecks.

Each Fall, Kellie arranges for me to come to her parents house and update the family pictures.

The family grew by one little Xavier, this year!

Francie is tall for not even being 5 but, she looks like a middle schooler with this pose!

Julian and Gwen are finally starting to like me! So that’s fun!

Kellie failed to mention she was pregs when she planned this so when walked outside to greet me holding a 2month old, I was all….ummmm

who had a baby?? (Because of course she looked nothing of postpartum!) “I did!” Say whaaat??

He was sound asleep and I may or may not have rubbed his cheek…and made him stir. His reaction was, “Who are you and why are you in my face?”

The baby was sliding so Grandpa decided to let him hang in this pose. We were laughing and saying, “remember that one time the 2mth

old stood for pictures?” He was much more content, so go Xavier!

Even though we shot a month earlier this yr, somehow it was still freezing and the rain didn’t do us any favors! Way to hang in there, team!

Heart, Melanie

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