This beautiful girl, right here. Man oh man. It makes my heart skip a beat when I see the woman she’s become as I met her when she

was a tiny little 5yo in my classroom.

Like why do you look so mature?! You look like you’re easily 25!!

I said, go sit in the middle of the street, try not to get hit by a car.

Immediately, a car comes. :0 But that laugh is genuine and perfect!!

It was fun to have a prop as an outfit. I love when you can see movement in clothing as it makes images more fascinating.


The sun was falling just at the right height!

The way the light wraps your cheek bones and chin line!! Women, myself included, would kill for those types of features.


Seriously, that jaw line.

When we hopped out of the weeds, her sisters and mom spent the next 5 min picking burs off our bottom halves. I said the the girls, I bet

10-12 yrs ago you could have never predicted yourselves so up and close with Miss Melanie’s booty, picking off weeds, eh? Ahahaha.

I mean, truly, I hope you’re not one of those teenage girls who looks at themselves and can’t see how stinking pretty they are. If you

can’t admit it to yourself, I recommend therapy. Stat.

Whenever I have time, I try to end seniors in a playful way. <3

I just love that you girls are still in my circle enough to creepily watch you grow on social media. It’s the best seeing that you’ve grown

into such kind hearted individuals. When it’s Soph’s turn for senior pics, you may have to bring a Xanax for me. Good luck with the

rest of your senior yr!! Great to see the Kuchenbuch ladies! Heart, Melanie.


PS. This gal went through a brain surgery a couple yrs ago and is now back kicking but on the soccer field. She’s one of the lucky gals that

the Drs realized her symptoms matched the Chiari Malformation and didn’t write her off to unknown causes. If you are unaware

of this condition, google it. There are so many suffering out there and undiagnosed, which could lead to severe issues down the road!

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