The Hafners.

It’s the time of year when we seek out any and every tree with color. Sometimes the only tree with personality at the park is in the middle of a

parking lot and you just gotta figure out the angle and lighting to make it look magical.


It took very little effort to make these two relax and act normal with each other.

I didn’t expect Zach to jump out of nowhere and I cracked up when I was culling images to find his feet off the ground like this. A perfect boy move!

Feel that love, mama!

Love this of you, Rochelle! You look like a model!

I asked Joel how weird it is that he’s suddenly almost eye level with his son! Has to be the strangest thing!! Those days seem SO far

away but I know if I blink, they’ll be here tomorrow. UGH.


I was actually shooting mom and dad when I heard laughing behind us.

Well I hope you love these, Rochelle! You guys did great for your first time with me! I hope you pressure Joel into actually looking at this

blog too! HAHA! See ya around! Heart, Melanie

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