The Kerbers.

This cutie patootie was born a few weeks ago but with his head of hair, looks like he’s 6mths!

Ben was quite the character. I love a kid who can attach themselves to me quickly so I don’t have to work for their laughter.

We just played like we were family.

Tricia had created this whole little scene set up in her backyard for this. Who has the postpartum energy for that?!

Those lips! It’s so fun to challenge myself to capture true personalities, not just cheesing at the camera. Ben is dramatic and I want

them to remember him at this age just that way!

I mean, how could I even chose just one?

“Lemme show you dis cool trick I can do!”

And then all the ovaries in the universe ached.

It’s fascinating that I caught two awake smiles on a 2weeker! Like what infant smiles while awake?? It’s a challenge to get quick sleep

smiles, much less eyes open! I love that he did that!

Thanks for having me out! Was a pleasure talking to and getting to know you guys! Your family is beautiful!! Heart, Melanie

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