A Beautiful Beginning: Connor Knox’s Birth Story

Life is funny in that you just never really know what’s coming next. Like, surprise! A you’re pregnant! A boy to be exact! Ellory’s labor was slow in the beginning then quick. Laurel rushed into the world, greeting us in the middle of the night. But this boy, he wanted his own dramatic story. Carolynn had an induction set for Friday morning but Thursday afternoon she started regular contractions. We thought for sure he’d come before the 5a induction, but sure enough she was still pregnant in the morning. As hours passed, I decided since I already had my kids with a sitter, I would just head out to Bethesda North since her previous two births she went from 3-10cm in less than an hour. I ate my lunch in the parking lot and casually headed in with her only being 4cm. Magically, as I was walking into her room, the nurse was checking her saying, she’s 7cm but the cervix is melting away. “Awesome!” I ran to the bathroom and when I came back, under 2min later, there were about 12 staff rushing around. UmWHATNAH? I was pushed out of the way and told to STEP BACK AND STOP NOW! I’ve been in lots of very serious scenarios and never had this happen, so clearly something intense was unfolding. Through the crowd, I could see Carolynn with oxygen on and staff discussing the decelerations not rising after contractions. Basically they established that she went complete so fast, the baby dropped with his hand to face, trapping the umbilical cord with him in the canal. So with a compressed cord, his body wasn’t receiving the blood and his heart rate was in the 60-80s and not rising back to 140. The resident Dr was able to get his hand up there to scare away Connor’s hand and after 10min of intense crazy and almost a sprint to the OR, all was fine again. HA!! WHAT THE?! We were all left standing around Carolynn like, uhhhhh, so that just happened! Then like no big deal, after a few pushes, Connor came out like, “Heyoooo! You thought the girls were crazy, Imma add so much more wild to your life!” Incredibly thankful it was remedied quickly and his sweet face is here and 7.4# of perfect! He has so much more worry planned for you, just you wait. Bahahahah. Congrats, Brian and Carolynn!! Love, Melanie

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