A Beautiful Beginning: Bridget Katherine’s Birth Story

This sweet little baby girl arrived between the holidays instead of after, like she was supposed to! Starting with a morning water break and a day full induction with little progress, we thought for sure she’d wait until morning to be born. I had only been home from the last birth a few hours and juuuust climbed in bed after Elizabeth said she was still 3cm. We knew the baby was in a poor position and they worked on rotating her all day and just as she heard it was bedtime, she turned Anterior! I closed my eyes and ::CHIME!!:: “We are 8cm!!” I laughed and said to my husband, “welp, cya later then!” as I put my clothes back on. HAHA. All went well and Bridget was born smoothly into Elizabeth’s arms! 6.11lbs with tons of light hair that stuck straight off her forehead! Elizabeth was so tired after a long day she was using all the remaining energy to hold her eyes open as we talked to her. Welcome to motherhood, amiright? Congrats you guys! She’s perfect!

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Love, Melanie

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