The Farnhams.

Guess who has a little brother on the way! Or maybe I should say, “chicken nugget” as she so sweetly calls him!

“Kiss her, DAD!” Clearly, Gwen was giving him no choice. 😆

Love those curves, Mama! The emerald is so pretty against the winter hues!

Tickling Dad’s eardrums with a massive weed is one way to make him laugh!😳

She couldn’t stay mad at me for long. 😬

We gave Gwen a break from the wind and barely 30º and made all the inappropriate jokes.

Andrew became giggly and goofy and I loved it!! He’s come SO FAR since the first time I shot them! Maybe you would consider using a term like,

“enjoyable” instead of “dreadful” on picture day? Still not there yet, Andrew? 😬

Giggles for days!

After she warmed up, Gwen came back out of Nana’s car for some more snuggles!

So radiant, Kara! That shot on the right is just gorgeous!

She’s got their full time attention right now, but when that little guy gets here, they’ll all be swooning so much that they won’t remember

what it was like when it was just the three of them! So hard to believe your heart can grow like that, but it does!

I’m eager as can be to meet this little guy! I hope your pregnancy continues to go smoothly and delivery is cake! Good luck! Heart, Melanie

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