The Cowells.

We’re having a baby in less than a month!!! Ok, I loosely used the word “we” here but if you know us, then you get what I’m saying.

We’re giddy with the feeling Grandparents must have when a new baby is coming. Liiiike we get all the pros of having a baby around

and the cons get to go back home with the baby to Rach and Chase. 😂 

Last November, she wanted to get the maternity session on the calendar and I was all, you should be nice and round in February and we will do

a session in the snow. The last days of February came and no snow had happened…once she was fiiiinally showing. I gave up on the impromptu

idea and we scheduled for mid march. The next day we got news of a snowfall coming THAT weekend! We were out of town but once it

started snowing we headed home early. I swung by and grabbed them heading to a place I knew would look damn near majestical with snowfall.

Thankfully she was able to get out of her nursing shift and the snow picked up just when we pulled into the park! YES. Jesus wins.

I couldn’t get over the perfect little snowflake shapes. It was like Buddy the Elf was going to town, cutting the shapes above her head.

Also, she ordered this dress off amazon on Friday. We shot on Sunday. Bahaha.

How freaking pretty is she!?!

Let us note something here. The snowflakes stayed on their heads so delicately. Rachel asked me multiple times if her hair was ok and I was like,

I swear you guys look amazing. It wasn’t until we got in the car to warm up that I looked in the mirror at the drowned rat reflecting back at me.

I mean, my hair was SLICKED soaking wet to my head. All these elements I shoot clients in, I could never pull off myself. No wonder she kept asking!

After we warmed up in the car long enough to feel our bodies again, they changed and we headed back out. I told them to walk down the path and

I immediately yelled. “WINTER IS COMING!” For any of you Game of Thrones fans out there, it felt like we were on set in Iceland!

Could this be anymore perfect?! I really thought with the 2inches forecasted, we may just get flurries. But we got this winter wonderland!


If Rachel is the room, someone is touching that belly. The kids have learned how to maneuver shim around in there like pros.

When they get a good grip on the tush, they know where to put their other hand to feel a kick response. We line up to help with her blood thinner

injections with such excitement like we are actually a part in this pregnancy.😬 I have many videos and picture of them interacting

with the baby and I can’t even imagine the fun they’ll have when it’s here! Come on APRIL!!

I laughed when I suggested to this very warm weather, beach oriented couple to leave footprints in the snow. 🤣

I don’t have the urge to draw much anymore, but as we walked back to pick the blankets up, it instantly made me take pause!

How gorgeous is this still life? The texture, the folds, the values in tones!

The snowfall couldn’t have been more perfect. The timing was so ideal with another client cancelling (because of cold! 🤣), us being able to travel

home and them dropping everything and going! I love when stars align. I couldn’t have tortured any other client for as long as we stayed out

in that! 😭 This whole eternity long pregnancy from the start, is nothing short of a blessing. I pray the multiple a week Dr visits continue

to go well as they have her under a crazy microscope to keep her and baby healthy. (Post chemo complications to her heart)

In the mean time we are waiting on the edge of our seats to squeeze this bebe. EEEEK!!!

PS. I thought I was going to have to wait so many yearssss before I got to title a blog with my family branding of “the Cowells!”

Still seems surreal that our girl is becoming a mom to her very own baby!!!

Heart, Melanie

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