The Habels.

These cool kids. 😍

Two sets of new parents! Added a fun aspect to shooting them this time!

Trouble with a capital T.

Three new kids this session!

Can’t tell if I caught a smile or a fart. Hard to say. 🤣😍

You’ll never guess what everyone took turns doing the whole session. 🤪

I love that Kevin and Christina were just as amused at everyone’s singing as Grace. They were supposed to be  playing with her but couldn’t take their eyes off all of us 😆!

We were cracking up. Jax was just at a month and if you’ve had a newborn you know they’re at their peak “grunts and squirm” mode and this image totally

has a sound effect of it! But that double chin. Little guy has probs already changed so much in the last week and a half.

I love that shot of Lindsay.

Henry really did have everyone chasing after him. 🤣

We talked about sitting all the kids down alone and it just wasn’t going to happen without an adult to hold the baby annnnd grab that active one on the end !😊 

I’m glad the rain held off til the last pictures! I’d also like to say that it will be easier next time but the chances are high more kids will be added

soooooo. Maybe like 8yrs from now it’ll be so easy!😭 Great job with your patience! Good to see you, Habels!

Heart, Melanie

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