Katlin & Hunter.

 They brought their kids along for the first 10 min. 💕

Katlin’s grandma’s house is through the woods in her mom’s backyard. She has this massive and majestic little paradise back there! She does alllll the

work by herself, which is just exhausting. I can’t even keep all 4 of my dang flower pots alive OUTSIDE MY FRONT DOOR. Mass props to you, grandma!

You guys are pretty.

Laughing at each other is definitely the key to their relationship. Spending 90min with them made me go home and realize I really need to laugh

more like I did watching them! Don’t ever stop that!!

I don’t even know but 🤣😍.

So Katlin is anti PDA which was made known to me early on. I guess she forgot for a second that I was shooting them and leaned in for a kiss.

I yelled, “OOOH! Got That!!” and Hunter was all, YESSSHAHAHA. And she was all, keep it secret! Ok, I’ll keep your secret between us and the interweb.

You’re gorgeous, lady!!

Seriously, every 10ft was a different little cute area!

If you only knew the convo that sparked this intense laughter. 🤣🤣NSFW!

I love how you acted 100% natural as if I wasn’t standing there with two cameras in your faces! That’s excellent work and I can’t wait to shoot

y’all again in a couple weeks!! It’s going to be so fun! Heart, Melanie

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