The Horaks.

This RAAAAAAIN. OH MY WORD, ALLLL THIS RAAAAAIN. The rescheduling of sports and sessions has me going mad. This session, we finished by

the skin of our teeth. First, we moved locations avoiding the rain on the radar and still got drizzled on. These good sports needed it to work as 3/4 the gang

was only in town that day for a family wedding that evening! EEK!

I’ve shot Michelle and Brad a few times so with the wedding was a great opportunity to include his siblings and parents!

So pretty, Michelle! Also, Caroline almost has you!! EEK!

I love how I told Grandma and Grandpa to embrace and they way they did is also supporting each other. Like, I got you, dear, you won’t fall…but also

don’t let go of me either because theeeen we may fall. 🤣😍 So sweet.

Probably the closest they’ve physically been in years.  I kept saying “closer” as they, in fact, did not move any closer. 🤣

The cutest!

We let the kids chill by the river at the end.


Best buds.

Nice to meet the rest of ya and I’m glad it worked out! Hope the wedding was fun and your drives home weren’t miserable! Enjoy the rest of your summers!

Heart, melanie

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