The Oberts.

Let’s just take a second and talk about how adorable these girls are, plus how they look JUST like their pretty mama, Jess…and also so much Paff in them! Cray.

I’m crouching low in the garden for the flower blur as they’re inside the garden and a security guy rolls slowly along in a golf cart making sure no one is trampling

the flowers and we were in fact on the stones! ::nooothing to see here, move along sir.:: 😬🤣

Presley is a ham, as you will see scrolling down.😍

We did some dancing…

And some of us felt it much deeper in our bones than others…🤣🤣

Who knows that blonde guy’s reaction GIF of “what now?” That’s so what she’s doing to me here while I tried to make her laugh.😬

When your sister stops the fun to be gross. 🤔 I think she said her hand was sticky…soooo why not fully lick it? 😆

I LOVE Peyton and Jess here!!

What perfection! Daddy has some pretty girls to protect!

Peyton was incredibly natural in front of the camera. 😍 Also, clearly she hosts the same gun show as her mommy.

So much fun even when it started raining on us.

This was 100% bad parenting on my part but I HAD to share these images, even though I’m fully responsible. DYING LAUGHING. It was raining and so, why not go down the wet slide?!

“It’ll be fun!” I said! Til I severely underestimated the incline of the slide and intensity the water added to their speed. I mean, I’m still shaking laughing looking at their faces.

In the first pic they all flew full speed onto their butts onto the cork ground. The second, Mike got Pres to go alone and the pure terrrrror on her face as she tried to slow down.


Been in the works for ages and finally happened! Yay! And my goodness, you were all so photogenic and zero percent awkward!! I love all these! Great to

catch up! It’s fun to see humans somewhere other than online after decades of friendship. 🤗 Happy birthday Mike! Heart, Melanie

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