The Murphys.

These cuties had so much fun shooting. They’re basically a bunch of models.

Erin requested a silhouette and I don’t like to disappoint so we played around with a few. 💕

SO pretty!

When mom is so stunning, you make her pose too. Sorry Brad, it’s not that you’re not stunning too, its that you were just running to the car. 🤣

Oops, Brad was back at the car again. 😬And I actually was a little annoyed with myself that we didn’t grab one of just him and kids. BUT moms never

get these types pics so, she earned this special moment with her giant babies. ❤️

Prettttty sure Brendan closed that gap then surpassed it! Eek!! Now Sophie is catching on y’all!!

I don’t know if it was Nathan or Brendan that instigated but I think poor Soph unexpectedly got the brunt of the goofing off. does it when it’s time for just the two of them. You know what he did to earn that response. I don’t have to tell you. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣

Lyla in her natural devil state. 😍

Love!! And how about that bird soaring behind! If only I caught the silo of a butterfly! But a bird works too! Grandma says hello!

Glad the random pop up showers didn’t ruin the night for us! You guys were wonderful and it was so nice to see you outside of a

family gathering! 🤣 Rare event anymore! Y’all are beautiful people. XO. Heart, Melanie

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