The Fischessers.

We wandered the downtown streets and took in all the sights, smells and the crazy people. Always good entertainment, even first thing in the morning, as

the people haven’t gone to bed yet so the conversations are even more special and the smells are more ripe. 😬  But the backgrounds are

pretty so we hold our breath and scurry along quickly.

Oh, surprise! Renee is pregs again! Months ago she told me they were expecting again and we planned this and the newborn session for the fall and

I just assumed she was going to announce at some point. BECAUSE EXCITING. Then a couple of days before shooting she’s like, I guess we

should discuss ideas on how to announce this third baby not many people know about. 🧐🤣 UMM? But she’s a nurse so how cute!

“Hey Finn, maybe try to hear the baby a little bit higher…😬”

I can’t really breathe down here, bro. 🤣

Wait, did he just ‘blue steel’ me??

The attention to detail in this mural is incredible. Super fun to put kids in front of it!

The joy in Cooper’s heart! 😍

Finn is going through the “DADDY DADDY DADDY!” stage. I love these!😍

I told them to go sit and both boys cuddled up to Chris. Renee was all, what about meeeee???!


There was a for sure high lady behind me yelling at us that downtown is no place for kids and we needed to get out of there. Ummm ok? We’re good, but thanks for your concern. 😟 Naturally, she stayed there yelling gibberish at us. 😩

Oh giiiiirl, you funny!

Coop was like, siiiiiigh, how many more though? And Renee! You look AMAZING.

I’m so glad the anatomy scan went perfect and all is well with dat baby. Can’t wait to see what it is!! I’ll see ya in November! Heart, Melanie

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