Mr & Mrs Kramer!

Our first 95º summer wedding day of the year was successful!

Mom and her maid of honor helped as the rest of the crew waited outside with bated breath!

Katlin was looking in the mirror and all Julia said was, “Hunter!” and this happened. Truly, just hearing his name brings her that kind of joy!

She came out of the door behind me…

Her dad shook Hunter’s hand and said, “ain’t she gorgeous?” and then they just stared in awe. 😍

The best!

We went back to the Langenbrunner’s house for some portraits and lunch. Her brother hopped on his, whatever that thing is called,

and crashed my portrait time with the girls. HYSTERICAL!

We were afraid their faces would melt into one as it was SO HOT. But nevertheless, they still snuggled in tight! Because love.

Meanwhile, Adam spotted gram having fun swinging. 🤣🤣 I literally LOL’d when I came to this image because I missed it in real life.

So pretty!!


We had to drive an hour ish to the reception, so all the singing and dancing happened.

Also, thanks to at least half of the wedding party who reached out to support my sweeeeaty body as I tried to stand in the aisle and shoot while

being thrusted side to side on the bus. 🤣 You guys are awesome. Whether you did it to protect yourselves from the weight of me being thrown

onto your face, or just being kind. I appreciated it. 😬

THEY WIN! In 15yrs, I’ve never seen a wedding party do this. I was most impressed how well the dress fit and both their willingness

to exchange very sweaty clothes!!

Are you familiar with Elf Yourself? An online animation service that you paste your head on a body who is a professional dancer. Well,

their whole family did this, but with masks of them through all the ages. It was more than amusing, especially since no one knew it was

about to happen. The cousins on stage changed the words to a pop song and sang the whole thing.

I mean….🤣👏🏼 Even had them as grandparents!!

During golden hour when it cooled down to like 89º, we went over into a field and took some more portraits.

Some of us frolicked in the field.

Her cousin ran passed them and just kept going. I was like, what the hell was that? What’s he doing??? Then he just popped up like HEEEYY!🤣

Also those masks didn’t go away and creepishly stayed on the dance floor the rest of the night.😳 Especially worn backwards, so very mind altering.

I would like to know how often tux rentals places get suits back with this sort of situation in the pants. I mean, in all fairness, he did warn us he

was going to destroy that dance floor. Mayyyybe he meant he was going to destroy his pants too? Nailed it!

Everything was wonderful, just as I planned for. It was enjoyable in many ways simply because of how in love you two are. I hope that never dies!

Congrats! Heart, Melanie & Adam

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