The Stemples.

Multiple times as I processed this session to blog, I found myself smiling. Sometimes even chuckling outloud.


Downtown Cincy has so many hidden treasures that the people are restoring to their potential again!

So much of this genuine laughter the whole night!

You are beautiful, Maya!


The last time we played tug-o-war with baby sis. They wanted to do it again, which was just as amusing as the first time!

Heather, I love your blue on this green gradient!

Hunter spent the night wanting to cuddle Hayden, who DID.NOT.WANT to cuddle back. 😬 I told them all to bring it in tight and Hunter

was all,”ya man, let me hold you. I got this.” 🤣🤣🤣

Behind me stood the friendly neighborhood wanderer giving me all the unsolicited advice and making them *slightly* uncomfortable as he stood there

very much overstaying his welcome. “Cool, man! I’ll see ya around then. Thanks for your help!” ::Stands there another 10minutes:: 🥴


FINALLY! Hayden agreed to show Hunter some love. Ahahaha.

“Hittin’ the woah” and full on assaulting their brother in an alley. 😬🤣

The compilation below is strictly for laughs of all who know these hilarious kids. My favorite frames of Hayden rejecting their love. The funniest part was

the more Hayden pushed away, you know dang well, the more it instigated the other two to get in his face. SIBLINGS!! They’re the best!


I mean. If those last images don’t describe sibling relationships better than ever, then I don’t know what else could. You guys are SUCH a pleasure to

hang out with and photograph. Already looking forward to the next time!! Heart, Melanie

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