The Saksas.

Omgoodness look at this cuteness!

Sweet little 4mth old Colette is obsessed with her mom but the good news is, Mommy is JUST as obsessed with her!!😍

The blue dress enhancing those baby blues!😍


Grandparents showed up to take care of the pup, but Colette was so happy to see them!

I can hear those coos!

Love it!

Such pretty girls!

Emily, you’re gorgeous AND you have an amazing smile!!!

She’s like a living porcelain doll!

My favorite part about this image is if you look on Coco’s right temple, you can see Emily’s lips! 🤣😍

Better get used to it, baby girl! Mommy can’t keep her lips off you!

Great to meet you guys! I love your new parent excitement! Coco is so sweet and did such a great job even at her bedtime!! Heart, Melanie

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