The Chermely Reeds.

Very exhausting exciting times ahead for Casey and Emma’s house!! There’s not one, but TWO babies in that belly!! Only a couple months,

probably less, till they get to meet them!

They live in Mt. Adams, so we spent the first half wandering their neighbors property and making ourselves a home. 🤣


What’s baffling to me is how great she feels! 32 weeks with twins and shes still working out and carrying on life like no big deal! I mean, by that point,

I needed 3 people to pull me up off the ground!

Chai was a good pupper!

I think she’s smiling too. 🤣


I love the dreamy feel of this!

It wasn’t supposed to rain until 10p that night and yet as we stood there, the skies unleashed on us!!

You can tell you’re working hard to stay so fit and healthy! I’m sure it’ll be much easier for your body to get back to normal than most!

I hope the rest of your pregnancy continues to go so easy and smooth for you!! Can’t wait to hear the news of their birth!! See you guys in the fall!

Heart, Melanie

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