Casey & Zach.

This gal, she’s been making me laugh for the last 15yrs. What started out as a coach to goal keeper relationship, quickly became a lifetime friendship

in a matter of days. Casey always had our team laughing, even when we were having serious talk about our upcoming opponents. (…as we applied our

temporary neck tats to really intimidate the other 10y0 players. Bahahahah.)

In high school she found her match in Zach! Been together  Finally getting married next summer!!

The sun was lighting them sooooo perfectly! Look at you two hotties!!!

I usually stay away from tracks but I know these have been abandoned for decades.  So we had a little backlit fun! 😍

Too bad you don’t have pointy witch’s chins because you would have made a good heart in that negative space! If you squint, you can make the

shape with the top of your heads instead. 😆

Zach kept trying to flip her over his back. 😆

They spend a lot of time tailgating in this lot, so they wanted to bring their teams jerseys.

Clearly some conflict😬😬


Legit, all we did was laugh. 😍

Thankfully, no one was harmed in the making. I was, however, almost hit like 42 times. 🙄🙄🙄

Love this pic of you Zach!!! So handsome!

I’m SO excited to shoot your wedding next year! Makes me a little weepy to think about you as a bride, but you’re going to be gorgeous!

 I love how happy you guys are and I hope that never fades! I’m so proud of the mature woman you’ve become!💕

Heart, Mel

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