The Kerns.

These cute kids!! All 4 of them!

Otis just turned ONE!

Sunlit fun!😍

How stinkin cute are you, Sawyer Mae?

And how gorgeous is mama! We almost lost this lady in a severe car crash a couple years ago. Will power, hard work

and all the prayers kept her with us! Thank God!🙌🏼

If you haven’t noticed little lady’s spunk yet, you will. 🤣


It was very much a “laugh with my tongue day!” for Sawyer.😆

Either scheming a plan or very unsure of my intentions. Could go either way.

Hey baby, I can’t see you behind the plants, step forward. ::steps forward with attitude:: That straight face though!💕

Also lots of “Me too! Me tooooo!” moments. Sarah and Nick def got an arm work out that morning. 😬

Sawyer was casually twisting some hair in front and I said, “oh! I like when you pay with your hair!” Which flipped in her mind to,

“wash your hair and make all the knots.” 😆😆

This is how toddlers work. Off and on in a matter of split seconds.

Love this little family of yours! I had fun watching you all play and sweat together! Sawyer is hilarious, I hope she always has that flare to her.

💕 Heart, Melanie

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