The Newberrys.

My cousins came up from Texas for way too quick of a visit! Jasper is about to be 2 so we obviouslllly had to have a 2 yr session

of his cute face! He pronounces his name as “Basher” so my kids LOVED saying that nickname!😍

I was pretty certain right off the bat that we were under his control, which meant all of the playing and none of the sitting. 🤣

It always amuses me when parents also tell me “how big” they are.🤣😍

Upside down is ALWAYS the answer. 😬

You guys.🤣🤣🤣 2yr olds, amiright? Basher threw himself down and refused to move so like a good Daddy, Buzz got down and

tried to distract his mood with some toy cars. Instead, he was greeted with a stiff arm to.the.face. Yesss.😭 Super funny when its

not my kiiiid!! Bahaha. Also, Rebecca’s body language.🤣 All of it is the perfect depiction of parenting a 2yo. 😆

And back up and happy! No big deal, y’all.

I love his face. 😍

When Rebecca isn’t around, he looks like you! 😀

Reaching for me like SAVE MEEEE!

I suppose he brings them a bit of joy. 😀

Suspending him out on one hand ain’t so easy anymore, huh?!

That half second he sat still. 😍

I was playing with his cars incorrectly and he thought it was hilaaaarious. 😍

Whats worse? Steep metal: wet fast slides OR hot dry slow slides? Neither. The answer is neither.

Since we progressed through the park quickly with excitement for each new thing, he was rather pumped when we found water!

I love sessions like this that are go go go and exhausting because all the frames are real life. Jasper had no time to spend sitting down

and posing when all the fun was to be had! We were all super sad we only got 1.5 days with you but it was time very well spent. Inclusive

of my kids laughing at tired Buzzy cat-napping on my couch like a grandpa. 🤣🤣🤣 Love you guys! COME BACK SOON. Heart, Mel

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