The Donovans.

I was greeted in the parking lot with these man children that I hardly recognized. If it wasn’t for Barry and Jess looking the exact same as 12 yrs ago,

I would be so confused!

Quinn used to sit on my lap when he was 3&4yrs old and we’d talk about all the good choices he was going to make that day in my classroom.

Most the time, he did just the opposite, but thats besides the point. 🤣 Little Ethan would come waddling in with Mom or Dad at drop off, so excited for

his future day as a “big guy.” Then we blinked and I’m looking UP to Quinn and eye level at Ethan!😭🤢 Nothing gives me anxiety quite like

seeing my old students so grown. It’s so nauseating to think how time slipped through our fingers and now my youngest are older

than Quinn was when we met. Speaking about the speed of time is so cliche but DAYUM I can’t process it!

< Look at these hotties!!! You guys look like you’re still in college! Well minus those gray sideburns!😆

I hope the day never comes when Barry stops making you laugh like this, Jess! I mean, he’s pretty proud of his jokes, so I can’t see him ever stopping.

God love ’em. Born to deliver all the Dad jokes.


I can’t even see that tiny toddler in this long skinny face!

What happens when you let clients pose themselves. Bahhahaahhaha.

I said, “it’s cool, getcha some!” So naturally he’s like, hell ya and she’s like, omg this is so awkward. 🤣😍

Both have such different eyes and yet equally gorgeous!

Even though I’m in full denial of the boys ages and sizes, I’ll admit it was fun watching Quinn drive my car around after shooting. I never could

have imagined that for our future 13 yrs ago, but I love it! Also, thanks for still coming up and giving me some love, boys. I know you

probably feel awkward as hell around me now, but we spent every day together for yearsss and you still feel like those same wittle boys to me!

I look forward to SENIOR pics in a couple yrs. (GAG!) XOXO. Heart, Miss Melanie

Ps. I will say it gives me great hope to see how wonderfully mature and responsible you’ve become, Quinn. You sure were a rotten pain in

my ass back then, JUST like my boys are now and I can only hope they grow out of it all like you have!! 😍

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