The Schwarzes.

Could this be anymore perfect? You guys are so.good.lookin!!

Robyn and Marks family came too, which made it a full Schwarz extended family session! They’re so much bigger than last time but still so sweet!

Can’t forget Grandpa and Elle!

I was quite pleased the park still looked so beautiful! Not like the subjects even needed any help enhancing the photos!

Reece was super into photos this year. Stepped up, cheesed it out perfectly and done! I couldn’t stop laughing at how stinkin cute she was being!

Connor, you’re still mommy’s little baby inside that big dude body!!

Cousins are the best.

Torture the littlest!

Those cheek bones, Robyn! You’re SO beautiful!


The right was just after Beau got out of the car. He was tired and not ready for me to be in his face. Sweet little guy.

I’m glad we got this in before the chaos of sports that morning. Well, every fall weekend?🤣 Such a pleasure to photograph you kind humans.

Great to see you!💕 Heart, Melanie

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