The Harpers.

This year we didn’t have scary thunderstorms 🥴 AND I met them in their own space so all around, the kids were more comfortable

and able to relax! Coa showed me his sweet flying skills. 😍

Nohea and Mahi share a very girly room! 💕

These adorable kids! From the technical side, I have to laugh bc the color balance between them is completely different.

With his all blue room casting cool on him vs all the pink casting on her skin!

“What do you guys love most in your room?” “OUR FURRY PILLLLOWSSSS!!”

They have this giant kitchen and open space calling my name!

Mid session treat per daddy! “YESSSSSSS!”

Coa reacting to Mahi’s response. 😍

The above happened because I was trying to get them to be calm and cuddle up and they kept laughing.

Finally they caught their breath and I love the way Mahi relaxed into her twin brother.


They have a beautiful backyard! Malia, you’re beautiful and that warm reflected light on your skin!😍

The last few frames we spent in the pool. Nohea was all in right off the bat. 🤣

Joe had the biggest smile even though he was the most wet in the end! 🤣

Glad this year went a lot smoother!😍 Y’all did great. Your home is beautiful, thanks for having me out! Heart, Melanie

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