Ashley & Alex.

Rain was in the forecast but early before and wellll after the session time. We thought we were safe. Welp. The entire 50 minutes it took me to get to the location

I could hardly see out of any of my windows. The scary kind of rain where you literally can’t see a single car around you and you’re praying everyone is

staying in their lanes. When I got there it was slowing down, we were all laughing like, ::shrug:: “let’s do this!” And so we did!!

The original plan was to canoe and then end with some brews at the bar. But the river was RAGING so we used canoes in a different way. 😍

I asked her if it was still raining or not🤣😍.

Pretty perfect umbrella for the canoes!!

I spent most the time talking about Ashley’s gun show.

Progression of Alex giving me some (unprompted) sex appeal…

To…OH GOD she’s lifting me!! 🤣🤣

The dogs met us for what could have been more than a few frames but weeeet and muuuuud!!! Also, excited puppies wanting to play! 😆

Y’all are so adorbs!

Why yes, mlady, I shall toast us!

Let’s pretend we didn’t see the massive yellow and black spider in the ivy or the 3 large wasp nests. 😬😆

10/10 for you guys. Zero awkwardness! You did perfect and now we know that even if it rains, no worries!! Great work! Heart, Melanie

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