The Jeans.

Becki and Mike just celebrated their 5th anniversary on Aug 31 and in her mind what a wonderful, nostalgic and fun way to celebrate the day, but at their wedding venue with

family pictures! However, in fact, this was not what Mike or any other husband/dad for that matter, would have chosen to do. 🤣🤣

But nevertheless, as a good husband does, he suffered mostly in silence for the next 2 hrs. Good boy, Mikey!


I can’t believe Georgia is already 1!

Casual jog with Daddy til…

he cuts in and steals you!

Something here is different. Oh yes, two well rested love birds have become two very exhausted parents. But that love part hasn’t changed!

The laughs are because we were on the third try of “just run together and we will chase you!” and yet, Lewis decided he was an airplane and

zoomed in and out of my frame instead.   I mean, you just have to laugh, right?

“Everyone go sit on the 4th step.” Ok cool, or you can lay on the last step. Thats fine too. 🤣

Lewis outwardly displaying Daddy’s annoyance with him. 😭😭😭😭

Until I looked at the wedding photos again, I didn’t realize they painted the bench! I knew it was the same, didn’t remember the orange?!

A cute little devil!

LOOK THIS WAY, GEORGIAAA! Not necessarily the solution we had in mind, but I guess it worked 😬

“What’s a fishy do, Georgia?” I love her.

😍😍😍 Small miracle!

Lewis…and Lewis with a bow.🤣😍

Squish them up and tickle them so they can’t get away!

YOUUUURE THE WORST! Oh wait, dis is fun!

The kids spent the entire 90 min of the session trying to avoid being held or touched by their parents. Then, LIKE ALWAYS in the history of family sessions,

I kick the kids out..then they suddenly HAVE to be held. Or in this situation, they decided to play hide n seek between their legs. Bahhahaahhaha.

We kept picking them up and running them to a blanket with a book and by the time we got back to what we wanted, the kids were also back. 😆 Hysterical.

Finally it was like, did you get at least one of us? That’s plenty, we’re all so done. One is great! 🤣

Welp. No one ever said parenting was supposed to be easy, did they? I’m glad we got a bunch of smiles amongst the crazy. Truly, had you not been

there or had I not mentioned it, no one would know how it really went. But real life, y’all. Ya just gotta go with it and laugh as much as you can. 😬 KIDSSSSS!

Happy anniversary (linked to wedding photos for the nostalgic folks)! Can’t wait to spend time with you Sunday for some real fun! Also,

Happy almost Birthday to Lewis! Love you guys and those monkeys.

Heart, Melanie.

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