The Reids.

This little one right here, she feels life deep in her core and lives every moment like it’s the best moment of her life. Emerson is such a bright ball of energy and sweetness!

About 39.6 seconds after the first shot, pop up showers began. We looked at the radar where it was non existent and yet there we were hiding under a tree as the

rain fell harder. And then sideways. And then the tree was no longer a good shelter and they cuddled under a single golf umbrella I happened to have in the trunk.

We waited it out, like we’ve done before, ironically at this very park. 🤣 Thankfully the sun came back out and it was like it never happened!

Wyatt just turned one yesterday! Him and I are birthday buds! 😍

How adorable!!

The head back laugh kills me!



She was running up and down the steps and were so anxious she was going to bite it! We kept shouting…EMMMMEEEEE STOP RUNNING!

That exasperation on the right was right when she stopped. 🤣



Sessions are getting more crazy then they once were but it’s fun! I love to capture their true personalities! Always a joy to watch them laugh and play.

😍 Enjoy all your celebrating this month! Heart, Melanie

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