The Hesselbrocks.

This cute little family!

Logan is is very patient and gentle older brother. 💕

You talkin’ to ME?

Rory is at the stage where he’s constantly moving. You know, the one where they accidentally punch themselves in the face while trying to

get to their fingers to suck on. 😬😆 He’ll figure out those arms and legs soon, he’s so close!

He is a happy guy!

Those matching bald heads.😍


He was getting tired and fussy so Cori took off his pants and gave him space on his belly and he totally got a second wind.

Love all those smiles!

Logan making them laugh for the win!

I just had too. 😆 Hilarious. His cries were short-lived and also funny because he was so dramatic.

Thanks for having me shoot your family! I bet it’s such a nice dynamic having the age gap with kids, not having to chase a toddler while the

other gets fussy. I can tell you, the session wasn’t nearly as exhausting as a typical family session was for me! 🤣 I hope Logan continues

to be so wonderful to Rory as they age! What a blessing! Y’all are doing great! Have a great weekend! Heart, Melanie

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