Halloween 2019.

This year we teamed up as artists and artworks!

The twins HAD to do a self portrait and well, one of the most well known in Art History is Van Gogh with a bandaged ear. I give you…

Vincent Van Gogh. Annnnnd Vincent Van Gogh 🤣

The flash really washed out all the colors and brought out the white highlights. Did.Not.Have.Energy.To.Care. 🤣

Andy Warhol & Marilyn Monroe

Nico had entirely too much fun with this as he always does!

Girl Before A Mirror & Pablo Picasso.


References of the real shiz for all the peoples of the interwebs. Adam thinks this year will be totally lost on the general public and thought it

was dumb.Well, I think HES DUMB. He pouted because he didn’t get to make an elaborate costume so he thinks it’s lame. 🙄 But as we

are art majors, both with Art History minors, we know that at least our old classmates and professors will love this. 😬😆

Some process work, as always…
First in foremost, I busted my ankle at the end of September which laid me up for sometime and screwed my entire calendar.🥴 I’m

literally working around the clock 7 days a week for clients because FALL! And coaching in order to actually spend quality

time with the kids! SO. I knew the normal sewing all our outfits from scratch wasn’t happening this year. White Flag raised. I surrendered.

Back when I was teaching art/art history, I’d often dress as the person I was teaching or in some way incorporate my unit in my clothes.

You know, like Miss Frizzle! Below was 13yrs ish ago while I was teaching a unit on Van Gogh and turned Adam’s inside out MSJ sweats

into Starry Night. I thought we could expand on this idea as a family!

Couldn’t find Hunter green coats in size 4 but I could find navy and spray them green! Same with small enough trapper hats in bright blue!

Fabric spray win! Total of $30 for all four on Walmart. Pretty bummed to ruin jackets because they were actually adorable on the boys!

After Adam painted Ezra’s hat, I cut them up to make them more appropriate for the painting.

Two weekends ago, the latest we’ve ever started🤪, between tournament games and my sessions, I got in like 7 layers of all the colors.

They kept drying way darker soooo more paint. And then more. And then, yep, so much more.

While one was drying, I worked on my body suit. ($20 Amazon!) Thank God I painted it because solid white was nothing short of gag worthy.

Late that same night, Adam giving me some lines to reference the direction I needed to paint. Last weekend was a bunch more games/shooting so we

couldn’t start dressing up til after 6p. The right is NoJo super tired at 8p and we’d barely begun getting ready for pics. 🤣🤣

That’s a nope from me, dawg.

When we were brainstorming, I asked the boys who wanted to be the artist and who the painting. Immediately, they chose Ezra to be painted. I

really thought he may flip, but he didn’t. He was mostly annoyed with the medical tape from his “ear wound” down under his chin restricting

his mouth opening. 🤣As the kids ate dinner at 10p😬, I started my face. I had already poured paint on my head while Ezra’s first layer of paint dried.

Very much toxic and smelly paint that had no business being in my hair much less on my lips and eyelids. The black facepaint just wasn’t

dark enough and didn’t go on fast enough for my lack of patience. 🤣 Honesty.😬 It was a little tricky and I needed Adam for some reference

points but that paint sure was naasssty to get off my face, hair annnnd teeth 😏. So gross. Especially at midnight and starving. The labor of love, right??

I mean, I’m not disappointed! I still had fun even though we took it pretty easy this yr! We are about to take a big trip so I am relieved this is

all done because I have no idea how I’m meeting deadlines cause literally 24hrs in a day in not enough aug-dec, y’all. Let’s pray it’s not

pouring the predicted rain during trick or treating cause it’ll melt our costumes right off! HAHAH! Happy Halloweenie, cyber friends!

Heart, Andy, Pablo, Vincent and masterworks!

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