The Grillis.

I thought I’d just go ahead and start with my favorite. 😍

Natalie suggested using this window to silhouette her. I couldn’t decide how I wanted to expose her because

I loved both ways! So how about both?

HOT MAMA. Kelly on the make up crew enhancing that natural beauty! 😍 Also, how does your skin look so amazing?! Where are

all the purple/blue veins and stretch marks that you should have all over the place! Your skin is so creamy! I hope you appreciate

how abnormal that is and how lucky you are!! My veins looked like road maps each time!

Natalie has waited such a loooong time for her own family! I’m SO HAPPY she’s finally having her own after years and years of

photographing everyone else’s kids!! Finally her own beeb in front of her lens! 🙌🏼😍

We drove down the street to hit up some texture and rainbow ivy cause thats ma jam. 😍


Perfect outfit choice, mama.

Took me a second to keep the rainbow plus  get the flare on her belly as it kept coming from her boob. It was looking like she had

super boob powers. 😬Bahaha. Well, I suppose, breastmilk IS a super power, now that I think about it! 🧐

I can’t get over the confidence you were showing. You SHOULD feel gorgeous at this stage and you know that’s typically not the case.

You are glowing and radiating the joy perfectly. Well done.👏🏼

That warrrrrm light!😍 

It’s so wonderful to see you so happy, Natalie. Paul is perfect for you and you both deserve all the wonderfulness that comes along with parenthood.🥰  I can’t even wait to meet this cutie!! It super weird for me to think you trust me to come shoot this baby too. I’m honored, but

feel under qualified. 😬😬 I’m giddy to watch you experience the uncontrollable love that will soon be outside your body.  I’ll see you in a handful of weeksssss! SO SOON!!! Heart, Melanie

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