The Saksas.

Colette is now 8ish months and this time had all the smiles to share!

We kept laughing because she was happy and totally smiling but she had this perma-grin happening that was hysterical.

They love each other so much!😍

I loved the purple growth mixed with the green and gold! I haven’t seen that at all this season!

Love all these fall colors and those little sneaky toofers!

How adorable are you guys!

This was her first time on shoulders and she was not disappointed. 🤣😍

She kept raising her hand like this as if she was yelling HEYOOOOO to the strangers walking around in the city. 😆

I’m glad the cold didn’t bother the beeb! She’s getting cuter by the day and it’s so fun to see how much her personality grew in a few months! It’s only

going to continue to get more fun!! Enjoy your first holiday season with her!! I’m certain she’s going to be spoiled rotten!!

Heart, Melanie

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