The Niehauses.

I got home late Saturday night after a week in Florida and was out first thing Sunday to shoot these goons. It was in the 20s and sure woke me right

back up to reality.🥶 I actually had to spend time editing out the fog of their breath in front of their black clothes!😬

Love this!

Trying to keep these three from crying (because freeeezing) AND keeping Eddie sitting was quite hilarious.

Grandma and Papa save the day! 😍

How we all felt but for some reason it’s not acceptable for us adults to act this way. 🙄

Nikki! Look how gorgeous you are! Love that shot of you four!

While it wasn’t his turn…🤣

Lookin’ good, fellas!

Comin’ up on their 40th!!

Sharing is caring. Follow Eddie’s finger. 😭😭😭

Ava and Ollie are so sweet!

I wish we had a better understanding of why kids do the things the do. 😆


You all did a great job hanging in there! I’m glad the images represent the “sunny” happiness found in between the rest of the cold chaos.

It was good to see (and torture!) you all! Hopefully next yr will be warmer. 😬 Happy Thanksgiving!!

Heart, Melanie

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