The Heierts.

This gorgeous girl was just hanging out waiting for her turn on the steps and I was like ohhhh lemme adjust you and make this causal hang go BOOM.

Always with the porch hangs!

Their home is straight out of a show room. It’s all perfect, just like them.

Same thing happened with Marlowe! I turned around to her adjusting some ornaments. She immediately giggled when she knew I spotted her.

Pretty much this entire session should be the cover or a spread of a winter catalog. How is one family so damn photogenic and stunning??

A couple yrs ago we brought out a couch. This yr Crissy settled on a chair and a tin.😆

Little sisters, amiright, Ashtyn?

That background shade of brown with your hair!👌🏻


Crissy wanted to incorporate their favorite things. We were dying laughing because Ashtyn was like MOM HOW DO I POSE WITH A THERMOS?

To which I joking said, “you mean you don’t cuddle with your coffee?” Which accidentally photographed as her huffing spray paint. 😱

And then in her soothing voice…”Let’s share some coffee” ::as she gestures towards me:: 🤣😭🤣 All of you reading who know Ashtyn,

I know you can easily follow along with this story. The rest, guess ya had to be there. 😬

Crissy tried so hard. 🤣🤣 And the girls were just like MOM I DONT KNOW WHAT YOU WANT FROM ME. God love ’em.

This session was brought to you by LL BEAN. 😍

Girrrrl.😍 Holden being serious for half a second.

Chris went for it, man. Crissy, even after 24yrs with this goon, was still shocked. It was perfect. I love your love.

Marlowe couldn’t be anymore excited about her role in this!

Meanwhile, Ash is recording the whole thing. And Holden was holding in her vomit. 🤣


I shoot a lot of family pets, but I can’t say I’ve ever included a family fish!!

Again, Chris behind me while I was shooting the girls, completely entertaining himself modeling in the chair. 🤣🤣 DADS! I’d like to say the girls

were so embarrassed, but they all love it as much as I do! Crissy always says, “please, don’t encourage him!” 😂

Holden said, “I’m going to..” Crissy, “DON’T! YOU BETTER NOT!” I said, “whatever it is, please do!!” 🤣

Chris only had one request and that was to sit at their banquette! That sign is 100% all their personalities!

I was happy I had time to hang out and chat after! I love hanging out with you all. You’re such genuinely wonderful people that just make me

leave with that warm and fuzzy feeling. I love that! Sessions are always so stress free and fun! I couldn’t ask for more! You all rock!

Happy Thanksgiving!! Heart, Melanie

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