The Dyes.

Little man just got a little sister!

And Greta just found out she has a big brother! 🤣

Danielle was like, I just need ONE picture, that’s the goal. ONE. 🤣 Well, sorry, you get a lot more than one to love. 😍

Where’s Henry?

The only way to photograph two yr olds is in their natural state of playing and those are my favorite anyway!

Henry’s little cheeks!

Pretty ladies!

He was super into it, can you tell? Bahahha. “I’ll pause and look at you for 1/30 of a second, that’s all. You better not miss it.”

The crazy has just begun, guys!! I know you’re enjoying every second of it. 😍 Have a wonderful Turkey day as a family of four! There is nothing to be more

thankful for than healthy children with a bonus of beautiful!! Congrats again! Heart, Melanie.

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