The Fischessers.

First of all, can we just talk about the phenomenon of the two boys then a girl pattern? Why is this a thing? I certainly know of plenty of 3 boy fams, but I

know way more 2 boys then a girl. But rarely 2 girls then a boy, typically it stays three girls?? It’s wild! So here we are with the surprise little Adele!

They came home from the hospital and went straight to Hobby Lobby for the girl accents. 🤣😍

The purple silk is their friends bridesmaid dress from their wedding, made into a blanket. And the other is Chris’s Grandmas!

When they start cycling, you never know what you’ll get. My patience sometimes delivers me a bitter beer face instead of a smile. Bahaha.

Deep thoughts with Adele.

I think she just wanted to be put in girly clothes because then she couldn’t stop smiling! 😍 Also, wow, that right shot looks JUST like the boys!

I said, stop being so stiff! And he whispered something to Renee I didn’t catch that led to this. I have guesses. 🤣

Cooper and Finn posing themselves. 🤣

Buddy sat down and swiiiiiped Adele’s entire face then went for Renee’s. Like he was thanking them for remaining part of the family. 🤣


Then Buddy gave me the cold shoulder because he wanted to lay across the family and I wanted him to sit to the side. 😆


Daddy realized he can build all the things instead of buying. So now all the house is his craftsmanship. Totes inspired me for this winter to get

moving on projects. Love the determination and will power you have Chris!!

Baby Shark do do dado.

Finn knocked his train off for the 58th time.

You guys are perfect and all but also, someone still has an extra arm to hold another baby soooo.

“Maybe was a toot, maybe was poop. Maybe you should check me.”

Also Dad’s work. CRAZY big and sturdy and super well done, sir. Night stands too!

Yep, definitely loading her pants. That face! 😭😭😭

Poor Buddy is hanging in there. I always try to love on the dogs that were once number one and now nobody has the energy to love on (as much)

anymore. It’s just life, unfortunately! He’s getting old and deserved a portrait on my way out. 😬

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your day is wonderful! You have so much to be thankful for this year! So blessed with that healthy baby girl.

Much love to you during this season! Heart, Melanie.

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