The Conklins.

Just lovin life like Santa is on his way into town. 💕

Olivia! Or as they sing, Oliviaaaa. To the tune of “Activiaaa” 🤣 The first time they sang it I was like 🧐 I recognize that…OHHH right, the yogurt for old folks. 😆

She tried so hard not to like me. But love wins, Olivia! 😆😍

Daniel was being a goof and kept giving me his backside so I couldn’t see him.

There he is!

I wish all humans had Daniel’s joy.

Not often are the tickle tables turned!

Love this imperfectly beautiful image. So relaxed and real. 😍

James wins.

It was real cold and they stepped up to get a shot together but COLD WIND brought them to a split second embrace. Love it!

I can’t believe how well the kids did in the freezing cold! Well done, team!! It was fun to see the big girl! She’s so sweet!

Hope you all had a fun Thanksgiving! Heart, Melanie

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