The Gaffeys.

The Gaffeys tried something new! We are always at their house or grandmas!

These big guys!

Maggie Magoo is one! Strolling all over the place!

What a perfect little spot for her to sit! I LOVE that!

I love the way the sibs squeeze each other!😍

You guys are the cutest! Thankful they brought their neighbor to help get the gang to smile!


Patrick kept asking and asking to hold Maggie for a picture! He was thrilled when we finally had a chance. So sweet!

JoJo crackin’ himself all the way up.😆

Workin hard to get that smile.

And he got it!

Sums up how we all felt by the end. 🤣🤣😍

Happy Holidays, Gaffeys! Way to conquer the cold and enjoy the city with me! It was fun! Heart, Melanie

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