The Stauntons.

Sugar britches is already a few weeks old!

These two pups were so stinkin sweet and calm, but so still very excited for all the love. Kristin is a vet and rescued, to put it lightly, both of them.

Let’s be honest, they wouldn’t have survived without her immediate and pro bono actions as a surgeon!

We had a little chat about how wallpaper is coming back and it’s just hilarious how in 15 yrs someone will be cursing them the same as they cursed the

previous residents of this home while removing old paper! They did such a cute job with the walls, though! I applaud a bold choice!

So alert and just hanging out, watching me. Hi Gwen!

YOU.GUYS. This is the best. How adorable is that frown?! My goodnessssss.


Finding those pockets of window light to put pretty people in!🙌🏼

Dang, y’all good lookin’!

When Daddy’s eyes match all the things!

It was good to meet you! Gwen is doing so well and it was enjoyable watching you guys so smitten!

Heart, Melanie

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