The Boyles.

First, can we just agree that this is the funniest little stink face there ever was?! I know plenty of adults with RBF, but this isn’t even

baby RBF! It’s like full on disgusted with my company, how dare I step foot in HIS house,  just leave already, face! 🤣

Clair goes, I hope you can get some of him not grimacing… I said, its hilarious! I’m not even mad about it!


You two can’t be any cuter!

So Clair’s parents met at the Art Academy and well, you could imagine the creativity running through her family’s blood! The large

canvases were from her brother’s childhood room, painted by her dad!

Oscaaaar! I can’t even deal with your expression!! He was so calm and sweet so why does his face tell such a different story?! He didn’t even fuss the whole time!

BIG, like literally, giant sis came to hang out a bit.

You guys are so adorbs!

Thanks for inviting me into your home! I’m glad everything is going so well! In a couple months, Oscar will be smiling on command and he can let

you know he truly does love your presence rather than so disgusted with you. 🤣🤣🤣 Congrats! Heart, Melanie

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