Mr. & Mrs. Harb!

Felicia and Omar’s day went as smooth as can be! What more can you ask for in a wedding day!

Syncing their new watches. 😆

The mom’s did a Lasso ceremony to tether them together with the infinity shape symbolizing everlasting love.

Someone couldn’t keep his eyes off me the whole ceremony. 😆😍

The dads were ready for the party.

Felicia said, “OMG that is literally the best picture, like that I’ve ever seen!!” when she looked at the back of my camera. SO SWEET! Hot mama!

Sneaking in some hugs of her guy.

We were walking to the alley across the way and I loved the cool tree shadows on the wall!

They were good sports and walked a couple blocks to get to a new mural! I LOVE it!

Did I mention we shot Felicia’s senior portraits aaages ago? We agreed then, that we would be the only ones allowed to shoot her wedding

because helloooo HOTTIE.


Oh hell yes.

That winter sun came out to play!

We had some downtime so the four of us headed to the reception early to chilax. The atrium had great light!

John (FOB) said during his speech, “Now close your eyes.” They couldn’t stop laughing because she made a bet to her dad that he’d probably wear a

cut off to her wedding and she was like, OMG he’s going to undress, I know it.

Welp! Bahaha. He full on hacked away those sleeves!!

Was definitely one of the longest toasts we’ve heard but it kept us all so engaged by laughing and even crying that it was perfect! Also, I thought my 3 boys act out!

HOLY COW, those stories of what you put your mother through, TERRRRRRIBLE!  I can’t believe, 1. she allowed you to make it to adulthood and 2. how she’s

not in a looney bin! One of you lucked out with 3 girls, but Felicia, I pray you have girls too because karma is coming back ten fold!!

So pretty!

I know with y’all being so laid back that it didn’t even matter if the day had some hiccups because you’d still have the time of your lives. But every detail

fell right into place, as we promised it would! 💕Thanks for keeping your promise of hiring us! We had a great time! Much love and congrats!

Heart, Melanie & Adam

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