Julie & Clay.

We planned on having a snow storm session but seeing as though we never had a snowstorm, we had to make alternate plans! They live in German Village

in Columbus, an area I’ve never been! Julie said she’d love for me to come up, as she’s always seeing others shoot on their streets so it was exciting to

finally have their own turn!

I told them to kiss but the dogs kissed orrr something (?) instead and it was hilarious.

All these ollllld homes are so adorable! Lots of renovations have happened, especially in their place. I love it!

The dog smiles. 😆😆

I was telling them that dogs are harder than toddlers because they don’t sit still and wonder in and out of frame, not to mention who knows what

position their tongues will be captured in. And then I look at the bottom of my frame and was like, SEE!!! CASE IN POINT! Bahaahaa. One cleaning

herself and the other only partially in the corner!

One growling at the other as she already has the prime spot and will not have it taken away. 🤣

Gorgeous space!


Little Rembrandt lighting outsite!

I enjoyed finding some industrial texture amongst the pretty homes!

Julie was so natural, I loved it. Going to be such an easy bride!

She was on his back and then decided to twist her around to his hip. She’s petite, but I’m not sure you can hold a grown ass woman on your

hip like a child.🤣

“Look at us finally using our own house wall!” Living in a cute part of town, you just get used to all the strangers on your property and its quite fun

to finally be the subject matter!

Welp, you guys are fun! I can’t believe little Julie Corbett who used to come to our volleyball practices watching her mom coach us, is now a

bonafide general surgeon! Nevermind the grown up and beautiful part, that’s obvious! I loved hearing how successful you’ve become.

We are all so proud of you! Congrats on finding your guy! Nice to meet you, Clay! Looking forward to September!

Heart, Melanie

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