The Mertzes.

It’s been a minute since I’ve shot these cuties! 😍

Big girl, Kiera, is already a year and a half!!

That little smirk!😍


Lots of walking because everyone had to have the saaaaame amount of β€œMY TURN!!”

It’s easy to be a fun dad when you never really grew up. 🀣
Such pretty little ladies!

My mask caused lots of uncertainty. 😬

She was non stop with the Goldfish and thought she was hilarious taking more and more and mooooore. Must always have a handful!!

Does not want to share the Goldfish. 🀣

How adorable are you guysssssss.

Leaving with feelings of defeat and then scrolling through this spread like, wait? Did we actually have so much fun shooting? Where’s the tears?

I REMEMBER the tears!! πŸ˜† These are pics of joy and excitement! SORCERY! Glad I was able to pull through all the happy amongst the

timidness and uncertainty. πŸ˜‰ Love you guys. Heart, Melanie.

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