2020 Graduates!

WHAT A STRANGE TIME WE ARE LIVING INNNNNN! So this weighed heavily on my heart after just shooting a bunch of graduates. For the time I was with

them, they had completely forgotten the anxiety and uncertainty they’ve been facing every day the last two months. It was full of laughter and life was as

sweet as it should be in this season of their lives. It felt so good for me and their parents watching them be carefree!

They told me they don’t have their caps and gowns long, so I’m throwing around the idea of setting up a night or two for high school/college grads to have me take

professional images for them this week-ish. I can do my job masked and from a distance easily. Your safety—while still capturing these monumental

moments of life—is of the utmost importance to me!  There needs to be some celebration of these kids in these gloomy times.

I want to be safe, I’m not trying to break any laws, be shamed or get anyone sick. 🥴

If you are interested, email me at and I’ll give you my further thoughts. Depending on how this is received, will depend

on the time slots and pricing. I pray everyone is well and managing ok with all the changes this has brought to our lives. Heart, Melanie

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