Congrats Grads!

What was once supposed to be a family session with their foreign exchange student and canceled due to the Pandemic, later turned into a session like I’ve never done before!

Amy said she was telling the kids they were getting together to do some cap and gown shots, but I GOT TO BE THE SURPRISE! So many seniors are getting together to do

this, may as well have a pro do it for them! First, let me say, some these kids are essential workers and have been “out in the world” since the beginning of this mess.

They felt comfortable being with each other and just wanted like to feel normal for an hour. I kept my distance and had my mask, plus we were outside with a

group under 10. Some may want to shame me for “allowing this,” and if it makes you uncomfortable, I apologize. I’m just glad these kids will have at least these great

memories from their “graduation,” if you will.

Ryan showed up with flowers for the girls! How unexpected and sweet!

These pretty girls! I shot Isabelle’s senior pictures last summer and learned pretty quickly she’s not only a smartie, but just as sweet as pretty! She got alllll sorts of

awards at Seton and it breaks my heart she won’t be in a packed auditorium to receive those awards in front of her classmates! Well done, lady!! Well deserved!

The best. I hope you all find this joy in each other’s company for the rest of your lives!

My High School Elder friends were just like you guys. Impossible to be calm and normal. 🤣 😍

The 1/25th of a second they were serious!

I’d make you the cover of the Seton Magazine if I was in charge! 😍

I said to them, I know America really sucks right now, but I’m going to leave the flag in there because there’s a lot of symbolism added to this image with it!😆

I hope you had as good of a time as I did. I’ve been in a funk recently as my solid business of 15yr yrs, thousands of hours of hardwork, to watch it suddenly fall through

my fingers like sand. It was good for my soul! I needed those smiles! We will all survive this! If Seton and Elder have taught you anything, it’s that we have to hold to our faith. 💕

We will all learn so much from this Pandemic.  Also, good luck with all your exams, esp those AP exams! EEEEK! You’ll do great.

Heart, Melanie

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